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What is My IP Address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol and IP Address is the internet protocol address which holds significant place in terms of internet usage. Whenever a person connects to the internet, he/she is assigned a unique IP Address which is used as an identification of the particular internet user and to communicate the internet packets to/from their devices.

IP Address is a decimal numbers set consisting of 4 sets separated by dots. Each set can contain a number anywhere between 0 to 255. We are talking about the IP Address version 4. Another Version of IP Address is IPV6 which is version 6 of an IP. Version 6 of an IP Address is a long-tailed set of alphanumeric characters separated by colon and double-colons.

People have started moving towards using the IP Address Version 6 because the older version has less space, and it is challenging to keep unique as the number of internet users is increasing rapidly.

The significant benefit of the ipv6 is its broad approach regarding the number of IPs available to be assigned to internet users, and it can survive until the internet reaches billions and billions of users because of its extensive character combination and length. However, it is tough to remember as it contains a lot of alphanumeric characters.

Importance of an IP Address

IP Address is an essential part of the internet because it serves as a facilitator of transferring data from one device to another device via the internet. Any device connected to the internet has an IP Address, whether it is ipv4 IP or an IPV6 IP, and most importantly the IP Address is assigned to the devices and not the humans.

Whenever you connect to the internet, you connect with some wifi router and the wifi router is actually connected to the internet. The wifi router once connected to the internet, it is assigned a unique IP Address from the Internet service provider (ISP), and all the devices connected to your router share the same IP Address as all the devices are mutually connected to the same wifi router. An example is that you are connected to the coffee shop wifi and their other customers are also connected to their wifi at the same time, all of you share the same internet connection, and therefore all of you have the same IP Address when checked with some IP checking service like ipchecker.io.

How Can I Find My Public IP Address?

To find your public IP Address, you can use our service. Our service is 100% free and accurate and requires no permissions from you to trace your IP Address.

Because whenever you open some website or webpage in your browser, your browser sends the requested URL to your ISP and your requests routes through your ISP to the server of the site with which you are trying to connect.

As soon as your request reaches us, our server reads the identification of the request and the request identification contains all the data essential for tracking where this request is originated.

The request identity contains the IP of the user who tried to connect to the website, their city, country, latitude, longitude, and other data for tracking the user activity and more.

How Can I Hide My Internet Identity?

Any internet user connected to the internet is required to use IP Address, whether their own IP or the IP of someone else.

Now the question arises, how can I use someone else's IP?

Yes, it is possible to hide your real IP address from anyone you are connected via the internet. All this is possible by using some VPN Service. VPN means virtual private network, and it is widely used by companies, government institutes, and the security firms to hide their real identity so that no one can trace them where the actual visitor resides. This ensures that you are safe and cannot be traced if you want to secure your privacy.

VPN is also used for multiple other purposes not suitable to mention here.

How Does VPN Hide IP Address?

Tons of VPN softwares are available in the market, some are free, and others are paid ones. Once you install VPN software into your desktop or mobile, you can connect to their server, and after that, all of the traffic being sent or received from/to your computer is directly routed through the VPN server.

This means that each request initiated from your computer goes via your ISP to the VPN server and the VPN server passes the same request to the requested resource from their server, in this way the IP and location of the original request initiator become safe from being exposed to the destination computer or server.